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Following a major crash the Renault  Car Club of Queensland web site is still being rebuilt. Many of the pages have not been completed but I am working on them. One of the most popular pages in the past was the Fugeo wiring diagrams. These are now back on here.

Due to a number of factors the site has not been completed but hopefully work will soon be resumed.

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Happy Laps are held about every 2 months at Queensland Raceway. They start with a cooked breakfast and a briefing which explains what is and isn’t allowed. I should point out that cars do not need to have any special fittings, and helmets are not allowed, but passengers are. After the briefing it is onto the track where you can circulate at your own speed. Passing on bends is not allowed. The speed is also limited but not to extent that it is on the highway. After about 30 minutes of fun you must leave the track but can stay on to watch the other events for the day.

Of course this is not the only event of a sporting nature. There are economy runs, navigation tests, and the traditional “Midnight to Dawn” navigation run.

For those that might like something a bit more competitive the club also facilitates entry to sprints and hill climbs in conjunction with other clubs.  Some times with instruction on how to drive the track from experts.

So if you have purchased a sporting Renault, or even a normal road car, and you’d like to see how it really goes join us for these events.

Club Events

We have a wide range of events that cater to a number of different tastes. Social events sporting events, displays etc.  Please  check out the calendar by clicking on the tab below.


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General Meeting 7:30pm on the 4th Wednesday each month (except December) at Shannons Club Rooms Unit 5 West End Corporate Park.

305 Montague Rd. West End.


Have you ever wondered what it is like to drive around a race track?

The most popular events are our Happy Laps

at Queensland Raceway.